Before It’s Too Late . . .

October 6, 2009
Posted by Jay Livingston

Act now — while there’s still time.


h said...

I'm confused. Would it really be a bad thing to have bloggers disclose that they are being sponsored by companies whose products they are reviewing?

From the article: "New guidelines released by the Federal Trade Commission say bloggers must disclose any money or freebies they receive in exchange for writing product reviews, a fast-growing and loosely regulated way for companies to market everything from diapers to movies. The move is an effort to apply the same rules that already cover broadcast stations, newspapers and magazines to the Wild West marketplace of the World Wide Web."

Jay Livingston said...

It wouldn't be a bad thing, but would it be enforceable? I've read reviews in print and heard them on broadcast. Does David Pogue never says how he acquired the electronigc products he tries out and reports on. If they arrived unrequested at his NY Times desk, and he doesn't say so, is he breaking the law? Roger Ebert never says whether he bought a ticket or went to a free screening.