September 20, 2011
Posted by Jay Livingston

Well, says the CarTalk-like voice in my head, it’s happened again – you’ve wasted another perfectly good year blogging.  Another 180+ posts.  (Five years, 830+ posts in all.)  Here’s a selection of ten from this year that I liked.  They are not necessarily the most astute or the most sociological; my criteria for choosing them, as nearly as I can tell, were inconsistent and idiosyncratic.

Pleasant Surprises (Oct. 18) The unplanned crossing of paths and cultures that can happen in cities.

Blockheads  Oct. 12) Mostly because I’m twitting (no, not tweeting) a Very Big Economist.

The Sneakiest Sneak  (Dec. 16) Applied Goffman.

Onward Christian Soldiers   (Nov. 20) No more Medals of Honor for killing.

Mom and Apple Pie Sesame Noodles   (Jan 17) The “Tiger Mom.”

Hard Work and Its Rewards  (Jan 24) The work ethic and American values.

Iyengar Management  (April 14)  Mostly for the pun in the title, but also the similarities and differences in the two video clips.

Overcoming Social Desirability Bias  (April 19) Mostly for the G&S parody.  The post is about methodology.
Compulsory Fun   April 24  A foreigner sees taken-for-granted, unnoticed aspects of American culture.

That Uncertain Feeling  (September 5) My one post that went viral (well, a modified, limited virus), getting mentioned in blogs and tweets by real political scientists and economists.  And Andrew Sullivan.

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