Paris Dreams

May 21, 2008
Posted by Jay Livingston

French political culture differs from US political culture (see yesterday's post and posters). Other cultural differences also turn up dans les rues.

I wonder how long this Paris driver could keep on truckin' in the US before he got arrested (though not on kiddie porn charges, despite yesterday's efforts by Scalia, et. al. ; the ad guarantees that the model is 25 years old.)

Tip of the cap (lens cap, that is) to Misplaced in the Midwest.

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Dan said...

Americans hang up with sex stigmatizes it. Much like your parents, who when telling you not to date a specific person only drove you to want that person so much more and which drove you to devious lengths to see that person, the inability for America to treat sex in a mature manner results in the issues America has with it.

I'd be curious to see statistics by country of cases of rape, pedophilia, and other sex related crimes.