What's In a Name Tag?

May 16, 2008
Posted by Jay Livingston
The discussion over on Scatterplot about ASA meetings has a subthread about name tags – what to put on them (insitutional affiliation? interests?) and whether to have them at all.

My first ASA experience with name tags is exactly the same lesson in gender studies that Dave Pike mentions in his Scatterplot comment: for the first time in my life, I understood what it felt like to have people constantly looking at my chest when they first met me.*

Maybe we should wear hats – like reporters in the 1940s movies – with our names just above the brim.

*This adds another level of significance to the SNL spoof of Annette that I mentioned a couple of posts back.


Anonymous said...

Yes! I like that even better than the tiara idea Monsoon and I were knocking around!

But we'll need trenchcoats, too.

kristina b said...

I know, I do too. I'm not a tiara kind of girl, but I liked the idea of alternate positioning of the name tag.

kristina b said...

Unrelated: I see that this post has an option to subscribe to its comments. That's nice, but I was looking for an overall comment feed like Wordpress blogs have. Does blogger offer that? I'm trying to get myself subscribed to everyone's comments so I can quit trying to keep all the places that I've commented up in my head.

Jay Livingston said...

kristina, My Blogger skills are limited. If it has a comment feed, I don't know about it or how to activate it. I didn't know about the one at WordPress. You mean it sends you each comment as it's posted at the blog? How do you do that? Do you get it as e-mail, as with these Blogger comments? Or is it like Google Reader, where you log in to the Website and see the feeds?

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