Minneapolis Mystery

August 12, 2008
Posted by Jay Livingston

The previous post here brought in four to five times the usual number of hits on this blog, and I can’t figure out why. Yes, it was linked by a couple of other sociology sites (Correntewire and Global Sociology), but they accounted for only 10% of the hits. Most were “direct traffic.” More mysteriously, most of the hits were from Minnesota.

And all of those were from the Minneapolis area.
It’s nice to be big in Hennepin County, if only for a day. But who are all these people, and why did they decide to descend on this blog for a video you can find all over the Internet?


newsocprof said...

perhaps most of your traffic comes from MN for most posts... it is the center of the universe you know.

barring a uggen or contexts link, it also may be that mpls is an arty place (highest number of theaters per capita outside of nyc). i have a frightening number of high school friends that are still working actors.

i like wordpress a lot but i can't do things like this on it (i think) because it doesn't support technorati. i yearn to know where in the world my readers are (though it would probably turn out to be MN too).

Anonymous said...

I found your blog from a comment and link you put on brandsinger's blog. I forwarded your site to several graphic design/marketing friends here in Mpls. I thought it was a good post to share.

Jay Livingston said...

The mystery solved. Thanks JP.