Oh to be in Finland

December 21, 2008
Posted by Jay Livingston

This is just a coincidence, right?

Which countries would you rank the highest in terms of education?
Darling Hammond: Finland ranks the highest generally across the board.
(From a Newsweek interview with “Stanford professor Linda Darling-Hammond [who] has been the brains behind Obama's education policy over the past year as a lead education advisor on the campaign and during the transition.”)

The [survey] results were combined into an index of . . .“sociosexuality” . . . a measure of how sexually liberal people are in thought and behaviour. Most individuals scored between 4 and 65.
The country with the highest rating was Finland, with an average of 51.

(The London Times reporting on a survey of 14,000 people in 48 countries, a project headed by David Schmitt of Bradley University. )

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newsocprof said...

my grandfather, who is finnish/swedish and lives in iowa, sends me newspaper articles on education periodically.

i laughed at your post because he sent me one from the des moines register this week comparing education in iowa (no slouch in the US) and finland. quite a good read, i couldn't link to it because of a registering/purchase thing but very interesting points about teacher salary, parent involvement, testing, etc.